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​work rules

Working in unsanitary conditions increases the risk of food and beverages being contaminated with bacteria and foreign substances, which can lead to food poisoning and complaints.

Keep your appearance neat and clean so that customers will not feel uncomfortable.


○ Tie your hair up if it touches your shoulders

☓Extreme light hair color

☓Unnatural colored contacts

​☓ Stubble

There is a high possibility that bacteria that cause food poisoning are attached to hair, so it is important not to touch your hair as well as to avoid hair falling out and getting mixed in with food.


☓ Ring




There is a risk of food poisoning due to contamination or bacteria in accessories. let's take it off.


☓Tobacco smell

☓ Perfume



Gel nails, manicures, and false nails are all prohibited. Trim your nails and keep your fingers clean.

Non-smokers are sensitive to tobacco odors. Smokers should take measures to eliminate odors.Perfume also spoils cooking. Never wear it.

​ nails / smell

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