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​Private Q&A

​Number of people and budget

Q.Is it possible to reserve even less than 30 people?
A.On weekdays and during the daytime, it is possible to reserve even less than 30 people.

Over 30 people on days before holidays, weekends, and busy seasons. If you would like to reserve a private room for 30 people or less on weekends, we will consider it according to your budget, so please contact us.

Q. Up to how many people can be chartered?
A. The maximum number of people that can be reserved so far is about 80 people. Please contact us first when making a reservation for a large number of people. I would like to help you as much as possible.

Q.When should I tell the final number of people?

A.3~4 days before.

Q. The number of people has changed after the final number of people was decided! !

・Fee when the number of people decreases, including the day (48 people even though we told them that it was 50 people)

A.The price is for the final number of people (50 people).

・Fee when the number of people increases including the day (52 people even though I told them that it was 50 people)

A.The price is for the number of people staying on the day (52 people).

Q. I have a little more budget...
A.In that case, we will flexibly respond to your budget, such as upgrading or increasing the volume of dishes, adding desserts, etc. All-you-can-drink can be extended.

Q. I want to give a present for farewell or retirement celebration!
A. If you have a gift such as flowers in advance, we will keep it.

We also have a wine shop, so we can prepare wine and champagne for gifts.

It's very convenient when you don't have time, so please use it.

​food and drink

Q.Have you ever ordered a drink but it hasn't arrived yet?

A. Drinks are ordered individually at the bar counter, so we won't keep you waiting! !


Q. I want to have a smooth toast!

A.If you tell us the designated drink and quantity in advance, we will make it in time for the toast!

Make the most of your all-you-can-drink time.


Q.I would like the food to be served to each table.

A.I'm sorry, but when we use it for private use, it's only a large plate buffet style, and we don't serve it to each table.


Q.Can I bring alcohol?

A.If you are using the all-you-can-drink plan, you can bring your own alcohol.

If you have a special sake, please bring it with you.


Q.I used it before! The food was delicious. Is it possible to change the contents of the dishes?

A.Thank you. It is difficult to change everything, but we will do our best to change it, so please feel free to contact us.

venue layout

Q.Can I leave the arrangement of the table to you?

A. Yes, the staff will arrange the room so that it is easy to move around according to the number of people.

After that, the secretary can modify the layout as desired.

Of course, if there is hope in advance, we will make it that way.


Q. Boqueria is that glass-enclosed shop, isn't it?

A.Yes, that's right. If you're embarrassed to be seen by outsiders during the party, we will completely block it with a roll screen!


Q. I don't like the venue because of the cigarette smoke...

A. The secretary can freely choose between smoking or non-smoking venues.


Q.I want to play bingo!

A.Please use our bingo machine. Please bring your bingo card only. (They are sold at 100-yen shops.)


Q.Can I use a microphone?

A.There is one wireless microphone, so please use it.


Q.I would like to decorate the venue.

A.There are things we can do and things we don't want you to do, so please contact us in advance!

Also, the time you can prepare is limited, so please think carefully about your time allocation.

music and video

Q.I want to stream slide shows and videos.

A. Leave it to us! Bring your data or DVD in advance and we will check the playback.

Or you can bring your own PC and project it directly.

*In the case of data, there is no need to go to the store for e-mail attachments, file sharing, etc.

* Playback is performed on a PC (mac) and connected to the projector via wifi, so there may be some sound skipping depending on the radio wave conditions m (_ _) m

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