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decide the taste

The taste of paella is determined by "three soup stocks" and "several spices". Homemade "chicken bouillon" that is carefully prepared over time, "tomato sauce" that is made by frying onions to a caramel color and slowly simmered over low heat, and "homemade shrimp powder" that is powdered by dry-roasting shrimp shells at a low temperature for a long time. is reminiscent of the aroma and charcoal grilling on the beach.


calculation and taste

The calculated complexity is rich, but you can eat it until the end without getting tired of it. When you put it in the oven, you can smell the baked shrimp of the ingredients. From the slowly heated prawn heads, the fragrant miso and shellfish flavor of the broth is absorbed by the rice, resulting in the most delicious paella with the rice standing upright.

​ squeeze lemon

The rice is generously soaked in the umami of the soup stock and ingredients, and has a smooth texture on the surface and a chewy texture on the inside. Enjoy with a freshly made soft-boiled egg. Of course, don't forget to squeeze the lemon tightly.

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